Explorer Hypertech Co., Ltd.
was established in 1986 dedicated in OEM/ODM business in Hsingchu, Taiwan.
We have three plants located in Hsingchu and Chung Ho City, Taiwan and Guangdang,China. By having 10 SMT lines high-speed lines, they help us to produce mass production in order to fulfill customers' requests.
Our assembling machines are checked twice a year because we make sure to maintain product quality. We successfully present ourselves in the local market with outstanding remark. In addition, we opened a branch in Taipei in 1997 in order to help with overseas inquiries. Therefore, we can provide better services to our overseas customers. Throughout sixteen years, we have been developing ourselves to be the lead in the global market.

Explorer Hypertech Co., Ltd.
is full of enthusiasm people working together for the same goal. The goal is to promote Explorer to become well-known computer peripheral manufacturer in the world. In order to build our brand name and expand our markets to overseas companies,
we are having an organized strategy.
First, we have well-planned short and long-term goals. Therefore, everyone is pursuing the same goal at the same time. No one will have conflicts to each other. The structure of our company will not fall down. Moreover, our departments have been hard working and performing well for our company. They cooperate with each other tightly. We do not have problems communicating with each other.
Second, our company is accredited by banks and does not have bad credits. Among the computer manufacturers, we believe that we have the best finance department. The finance department manages our company funds smoothly. One thing important of a computer peripheral manufacturer is to have a strong R&D department.
Technology advances from day to day with fast changing environment. Therefore, our R&D team works from day to day to invent or create new products. The most important issue our R&D team pursues is the stability of the products. The team does not want to produce defective products and sell to the customers. By selling the defective products to our customers, we might lose them eventually since our products cannot be trusted. Therefore, the main goal of R&D is to be perfect of producing goods for our customers. As conclusion, if we do not have a strong R&D team, we will not be able to be better than other competitors. If not having a strong R&D team, we only can sell the old products we have. Moreover, we will not be able to survive in the market.
Explorer Hypertech Co., Ltd.
has been promoting its brand name around the world since the year of 1997. The way of promoting its brand name is to provide customers not only the best quality of products, but also its fast & efficient service. We try our best to help our customer with their problems in questions of drivers, hardware setting, or relevant installation instructions.
Nowadays, service becomes an important marketing strategy when doing business in the global market. In addition, our second proposal of establishing Explorer is to fulfill our customers' satisfaction. Therefore, we can be in good relation with our customers. By having a good relationship with our customers, it will help to increase internal or external profits for both of customers and of Explorer.
Explorer is an ISO 9002 licensed factory.
Due to far vision of the high technology grows that we still believe to keep high tech equipments in Taiwan and create two more SMT lines in Taiwan. Moreover, our advantage is that our aggressive and efficient production and warehouse control can delivery the goods on time and satisfy our customers.


7F-9, No. 112, Hsin-Min St. Chung Ho City,
Taipei Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Tel: 886-2-2226-2028
Fax: 886-2-2226-9919

e-mail: info@explorertw.com.tw